Dr. Meghan Helwig PT

PSPT is not your “TYPICAL” PT practice.  Dr. Helwig does not just look at the site of pain, she utilizes a holistic approach with a thorough history and whole body assessment of functional movement.


More than just workout equipment

  • 4500 sq ft of workout floor space

  • 8000 sq ft total

  • Tented outdoor workout area/turf area

  • Two large showers

  • Separate bathrooms

  • Plenty of parking

  • 18' ceiling

  • Warm up/stretch area

  • Lounge area table


What we fitness with

  • 74' Infinity Rig with 16 squat stations and 29 pull up stations

  • Mens, women's, junior, and training bars

  • Thousands of pounds on Comp plates & Hi Temps

  • 18' rope climbs

  • Concept 2 rowers, Assault Bikes, Ski Erg

  • GHDs, and Reverse Hyper

  • DBs, KBs, wall balls

  • 150# sand bags, 100# sand bags

  • HSPU mats, AbMats, landing pads

  • Plyo boxes

  • OSO barbell clips

  • Sleds, prowlers, 45' pulling rope

  • Ring muscle up stations, peg board

  • and much more

Coming Soon

What we have planned for new equipment & amenities

Recovery Area:

Equipped with a wide

variety of tools to help with your recovery protocols. 

Massage guns

Recovery pants

Specialty rollers

and MORE. 

Date: May 2021

Concept 2 Bike ERGs:

We will be adding 2-4 new bikes into our line up of machines.

Date: Mid April 2021


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