Dr. Meghan Helwig PT

PSPT is not your “TYPICAL” PT practice.  Dr. Helwig does not just look at the site of pain, she utilizes a holistic approach with a thorough history and whole body assessment of functional movement.


More than just workout equipment

  • 4500 sq ft of workout floor space

  • 8000 sq ft total

  • Outdoor workout area/turf area

  • Two large showers

  • Separate bathrooms

  • Plenty of parking

  • 18' ceilings

  • Kids area

  • Warm up/stretch area

  • Lounge area table

  • more to come.


What we fitness with

  • 74' Infinity Rig with 16 squat stations and 29 pull up stations

  • Mens, women's, junior, and training bars

  • Thousands of pounds on Comp plates & Hi Temps

  • 18' rope climbs

  • Concept 2 rowers, Assault Bikes, Ski Erg

  • GHDs, and Reverse Hyper

  • DBs, KBs, wall balls

  • 150# sand bags, 100# sand bags

  • HSPU mats, AbMats, landing pads

  • Plyo boxes

  • OSO barbell clips

  • Sleds, prowlers, 45' pulling rope

  • Ring muscle up stations, peg board

  • and much more


A place for the little ones to be contained 

We have a space set aside for your kids to hang out while you get your workout in. Equipped with a TV linked to Netflix for Kids/Regular Netflix as well as a table and some toys to play with. 

Kids are more than welcome to be outside the "kids area" but we want to make sure they stay off the workout floor to keep everyone safe. 

Fur babies are also more than welcome but we ask that you keep them on a leash and near the front or side door outside. 

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